Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore Toto!

We were on our way up to Salt Lake for my family reunion. We had stopped at the Chevron in Wellington so that the kids could use the bathroom and right after we got back on the road, my wife said, "Look at that! Is that a tornado??" She got out her camera and took a few pictures as we were driving down the road. Pretty crazy stuff!

After a few minutes, another tornado appeared! The news that night said that they were F0 or F1 tornados, so not terribly big, but still! I still can't believe that happened! You could see dust and debris flying around the base of it. Makes me want to watch the movie "Twister".

KSL 5 News had this information on their website:
A pair of tornadoes touched down near Price at about 3:20 Monday afternoon.
The strong winds toppled trees and damaged some homes, but emergency workers say no injuries have been reported. Click HERE to watch channel 5's broadcast of the event!

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