Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Day of School and Loving It

Today had many, many good points!

  • It was the first day of school. I wasn't nervous about the year this year at ALL! I don't know if that is confidence from having planned out my week and year so extensively that I was just comfortable starting, OR if these masters classes are making me more confident...I don't know. It was nice to sleep fairly well (woke up a couple of times, but not school dreams related).
  • THE LAST BOOK OF THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES CAME! Of course it comes today when school starts and masters classes. But since my wife is into the series too (ha ha- I told you honey!) we have decided to simply read out loud to each other each night for the next 6 months (kidding) until we get through the book. I am very excited to READ this book (or listen as the case may be).
  • Made it through my masters classes. I was actually relieved to get the first class over with. It is nice to know what to expect for the semester. I am currently taking educational law and program planning and evaluation. Both will tough in the reading department, but there are few papers this semester. It is more of group and individual presentations. I would much rather do those anyways. Ed law will be interesting. We will be reading boo-ku court cases and talking about them, but I am thinking it will be interesting. I may even share some of the learning or cases I have to read (I have to do presentations on 4 different cases).
  • When I got home from school today, my one year old came running to me with a giggle. I hugged him and talked to him and then put him down. He proceeded to walk to the front door and put his back to it so I couldn't leave. I laughed. I walked into the bedroom and he did the same thing. Closed the door and stood in front of it. I think he wanted me to stay home. Unfortunately I had to leave for class. When I got home tonight, he stood in front of the door again. Followed me to my closet and closed the door while I was changing and stood in front of it, in the bathroom, and the backdoor AND the side door. I really think he was determined to block any door I was around. What a cutie!
There weren't many downers in my day, other than it has been a really long day AND I had to order about $200 worth of textbooks for my classes. That part isn't very fun. Oh well, it is motivation for getting good grades in my classes- if I don't, I don't get reimbursed for them, and that would be bad...that would be very, very bad...

Well, it is getting late and I would like to actually visit with my wife before I collapse with exhaustion. She has been canning pears all day, bless her heart. Ummm...they will sure taste great this winter. 


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