Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week One Came and Went...

I can not believe that the first week of school came and went. What a great week it was too! I truly feel like I have been teaching this class for months. They are behaved and generally obedient. I think this is going to be an outstanding year! The only down side right now is that my air conditioner in my classroom in on the fritz right now and it gets really warm in my classroom during the day. They have the parts ordered- I hope they come soon!

Today has been nice. I woke up this morning and mowed the lawn, watered the garden, harvested some tomatoes and squash, walked (with the family) to get the mail, and spend some time with my little herd.

This coming week brings us Back to School Night and my masters classes again. Those are going to be a bit tough what with all the reading, but I am really looking forward to learning about these two topics. I have had a hard time reading lately. Every time I sit down to read, my eyes close. I wake up 5 minutes later and have to get up and move around to wake up. I have only read one of 4 chapters that have to be done by Tuesday. In fact, I finally gave up today and took a nap with my 1 year-old. We got in a great 2 1/2 hour nap. I feel a little guilty as my wife has been working in the kitchen ALL day canning peaches, nectarine juice, preparing and freezing zucchini, making brownies, chex-mix, and other tasty goodies. We are going to be ready for winter for sure this year. I think we have about 60+ bags of frozen squash- lol.

Well, I still need to go to my classroom sometime this weekend and figure out what I am going to for sure do on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I like to plan out a majority of the week in advance because of all the other little things that come along. In fact I just remembered I need to come up with an agenda for faculty meeting for Wednesday. I am in charge this coming week (I think anyways). I also have student council elections coming up soon (I am the advisor) and that will be exciting. It is the same week as Pirate Week (one of my favorite events I do in my classroom). That is also Melon Days weekend AND the weekend before a major presentation in one of my classes. So, basically, if I survive September it will be wonderful!

Well, I guess I should go and see if I can keep my eyes open and read now (with my nap I hope so).


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