Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday and More...

So the ads all went live at 1:08am (by our clocks). I had actually turned the computer over to my wife for a while to hit refresh. I could hardly stay awake. I was curled up in front of the heater (and I think snoring) when she woke me up to start the shopping. Then it was shopping frenzy! I only missed out on three items I wanted, and they weren't super important. We found other items at different sites to off-set most of them. I was very happy with how it all went down. It took me until 3am to get everything squared away and more my wife and I to go through the carnage and list what we got and for whom. Even though most of our Christmas fund is now gone, so is the fact that we had nothing for our kids! Yea! We have a few odds n ends to pick up, and gifts for parents and our family numbers!

So Friday was a long day as far as I was exhausted and did do a whole lot. I guess that is okay too!

This morning (Saturday) I went to my classroom and spent 5 hours. I was hoping for just a couple of hours, but I had a bunch of new books to add to my classroom library and that alone took about 90 minutes to get in. So, with that removed, I guess I was closer to being on track than not! But, I am ready for the week, and that was worth the time. Tomorrow is Sunday and another day of rest (kind of). That will be nice. I hope to take my practice writing section of my Praxis test. It is coming ever closer and my stress and anxiety is climbing ever higher. I hate that I have to pass a $400 test to show that I will be a good administrator. I don't know how a test proves anything at all. But what ever.

Well, I need to run to the church with my wife and copy the program for tomorrow.

More Hughes Adventures coming soon to a blog near you!!!


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