Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Is Next?

Today was Thanksgiving. What a great day. I love that I have one day given to me that causes me to reflect on all the many things I have to be thankful for. Like electricity!
     We awoke this morning at 7am to find that we had none! I feel bad for all the people who were cooking turkeys at that time (like my mom- she ran it down to my brother and he put it in his camp trailer oven!). The power was out for almost 2 hours! I wish they would not have ever put in that stupid new substation- I think we have had more power outages in the last 6 months that we have in the past 6 years. (Probably really NOT, but it feels like it!). I am a little touchy about it as the power went out yesterday as well and they sent all the students home an hour early! I had a lot I wanted to do and all I got was to babysit a bunch of kids while they waited for their parents. Oh well.

I am also thankful for family!
    Today my little one year old was playing outside. He went in to my shed and was trying to get one of the gardening tools out of the holder and jabbed himself in the cheek. He was bleeding everywhere. We called my sister-in-law (the same one who has saved our butt SO MANY TIMES- like mine about a month ago!) and she came right over. She told us he really ought to have stitches, but our only option was to go to Price to the ER and since I got my bills yesterday and saw what the cost is on this insurance, it is so NOT worth it! I don't have $900 to pay for a few stitches. So my sister-in-law was so helpful and used a lot of her medical kit to patch him up. She even stopped by after the dinner with her family to change the bandage and check on him. Thank so much my brother and wife! :)

I am thankful for my continued learning (even if I make it sound like I hate it most of the time!).
     I went to the High School basketball games last night. Two of my sisters were here and it was nice to visit and have fun. I was earning Intern Hours my patrolling the mezzanine for rouge children playing. I only had to get after a few kids a couple of times. The games were very intense to say the least! Nail-biters! All 5 of the ones that I watched! I got about 6 hours on interning in. So yea for that. I only have around 40 hours in internship left. The only major hurdle that I have left is really my praxis test. I need to take the practice writing section this weekend. Phew. I took the multiple choice practice test and bombed that- so I hope that I can make it past the writing section. We shall see.

I am thankful to be a dad.
     I have had a blast today with my babies (well, except for the part where my baby hurt his face). We decorated for Christmas both inside and out. The kids have been so fun. My two oldest are at a stage where they really want to help. Not to mention they have lots of "ideas" about how we should do things now. What a great experience.

I am thankful for an amazing wife!
     Where would I be without my better half? She is totally amazing I love her so much. She sure does know how to make the house function. Laundry, cooking, kids- and then a stressful man like me! She really does deserve the gold medal! I love you babe!

I am thankful for good parents.
     My parents are amazing people. They definitely take good care of their children. Today we gathered at the elementary school (my whole family was there except my oldest sister). We ate, relaxed, and visited. It was really nice. My brother-in-law even ordered two toner cartridges for me! YEA! Well...okay. Yea that it was ordered, not yea for the cost of it- but it should last for a couple of years and I can't really complain about that. Our meal was sure good. All the kids ate and played basketball, ate more, played more. I was a very happy time!

I am thankful to live in a free country!
    I am grateful for this land of liberty. More so, I am thankful for those that risk their lived everyday so that I CAN live in a free country. What a blessing it is to live here. I try to teach my students that they should be thankful and work hard because of the chances they are given here! It is frustrating to watch kids being disrespectful during the pledge of allegiance, etc. I try to express to them how lucky they are and share that my brother has also risked HIS life so they could sit in my classroom and learn. That usually helps straighten them up a little. I just think they are so far removed from the real "cost" that they completely take everything for granted.

Well, I think that this is long enough post for now. I am sitting here waiting for all the Black Friday Ads to go live on-line. It will be a lean Christmas, but it will also be a good one. Happy Thanksgiving!


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