Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010! (I can't believe that it has come and gone!)

It seems to be the same every year. The kids promise they will be up and going super early and then we have to wake them up to see what Santa has brought them. We woke the kids up at about 7am.  Santa had left lots of fun things for the kids. My oldest got a drawing kit with a how to draw book for beginners.  My daughter got a pink Nintendo DS, Child #3 (my cute Z-man) got a new scooter (which he was upset about--he want a scooter, he wanted a paintball gun- YA RIGHT or $180 (such a random amount- I wish I had $180)-he changed his mind once the kids went outside to play and he had a scooter to ride. My crazy M-Bug got a new track for his Thomas the train set and a new car to go with it, and my littlest one got a toy car that bounces the marbles in it when it rolls across the floor.
Opening gifts was eventful. The baby was hilarious to watch.  He took 3-5 minutes opening his gifts.  He'd rip one piece of wrapping paper off at a time, and he did NOT want any help.  He really likes his new toys he got. These stacking cups are cool because you can hook two pieces together and make them into 5 different sized balls, the top piece is a rattle that can also go inside any of them.  I think I enjoy playing with them as much or MORE than he does. lol. Hey, I am just playing WITH him...ya, that's right.
My little M-Bug was hilarious to watch open gifts. He is quite expressive as it is, but he was making the funniest faces. Three of them are below for your view pleasure! (I was even the camera man this year- I think I did pretty good if I do say so myself!)
My Z-man enjoyed the Year of the Nerf Guns.  I think he ended up with four different guns this year.  Talk about armed and dangerous! He is quite the commando! Brothers and sister beware! We may have to hid those for a few months when our little girl arrives!
Z-man also got a Kid's MP3 player.  He was fun to watch! He opened it, turned it on, and was signing at the top of his lungs all morning. He finally asked how to change songs. I thought that was really funny. Even though it is a bit dated and HUGE, he hauls it with him everywhere and loves listening to it. YEA! A victory for the Hughes parents.

My daughter has my perfectionist genes. She had to organize all her gifts by size on her blanket (oh wait, maybe that is more OCD- lol). She was always waiting patiently for her next gift. I had fun teasing her that she didn't have anymore to open. She would just say, "Yes I do. I haven't opened the one that said (insert what we had written here) on the tag!" She has a memory that I can't believe. She hears a song once and she has it memorized and is singing along. I have learned many-a-word I didn't even know was in a song from her. She made a good haul as well! I think her her favorite gift was her pink DS. Her and her oldest brother have been "linked" on them almost non-stop. My two younger sons are feeling left out. But, they love to watch them play and with two playing now, it works out better in the sharing department.

My oldest  is getting so big. I have been fascinated with watching him draw. He is very meticulous and patient- as skill I wish he would practice with his siblings!  We got him several drawing pads so that he can have one place to draw and practice.  He also got a new Star Wars Battlefronts game for his DS and Laser tag to share with Z-man. (That has been funny to watch too. They chase each other AROUND and AROUND the house.)
Christmas morning view of the Living Room--watch where you step! :)
My wife and I decided to splurge this year and buy random Lego pieces from Ebay.  We got 4 or 5 lbs. of them and the priority mailbox that came was chuck full!  Each of the four older kids got a gallon size zip-lock baggie full.  They were so excited!  All of them love building with Legos, and now all their tubs are full. :)

This was our gift from our daughter this year.
She is so thoughtful and sweet. 
As far as my wife and I, well, we got our Christmas back in July! (The new fridge and stove and table.)  My wife  made me a tri-fold frame, ordered the silhouette family picture on a canvas for me, a new hard drive for the computer (it is 1500 GB! Wahoo!!!) and we did get a blu-ray player for the family on black friday.  She picked out most of her own gifts this year too.  I "gave"  her a new planner for all her list making, a couple of movies (Eclipse and the Blind Side), and a new Willow Creek figurine.  It's called Cherish (the one of the pregnant lady). I love this lady very, very much! 
I really have loved this Christmas adventure. 
Next year will be even more special with the addition of our little baby girl. 

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season!

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