Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dad's Birthday, and Oh ya, Opps...I Missed T-2 Days and Counting...

     I guess that is okay though! It was for a good cause: Yesterday was my Father's Birthday!
     What a great man he is. I can't even begin to explain or describe all that he has done and gone through for me! I remember in High School that my parents NEVER missed a single basketball game. It didn't stop there either. They took me to the airport multiple times so I could go on different adventures with school. They took me to Salt Lake one day so I could spend the day with a recording studio owner and see what it is like to run that type of business (wasn't for me obviously). The list goes on and on. My father has always encouraged me to do things that he knew were in my best interest and he has never been one to hold back his insight and thoughts about upcoming decisions. I appreciate that very much. Not only that, he has been a major helper in all my home improvement projects I have done over the past few years. Thanks dad, and Happy Birthday!

We went up to my parents in the evening and had cake, gave my dad his new iPod Touch Gen4. It rocks. Make me REALLY want to buy a new one- lol! I know he will enjoy it also!

T-2 Days and counting was a great day!
I spent quite a bit of time at the school getting LOTS of things done that needed to be caught up, cleaned, and re-designed. It is nice to be able to work in the quiet of my room knowing that I have as much time as I need. More on all this in the next posting. I came up with some really great ideas that I hope will motivate my students in this new year.

I also spent a long time last night searching for articles to read to help my get ready for my Praxis test. I have been a slacker with actually studying the last couple of days (and I am almost okay with that). 


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  1. Dads make their kids the prioritizing factor in every decision they make. They make sure that nothing and nobody takes precedence over their children. If needs be, they give up careers, homes, and dreams to be where there child is. They do it, and they do it at any cost.

    Proud to be a Single Dad


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