Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day #4- ICU

Day 4 has dawned bright and optimistic. I was able to stay at the Guest House across the street from my wife's room. It is very reasonably priced and I can be here in about 2 minutes if something happens during the night. They told me the room would be mine for as long as I needed it (there are only 12 rooms and they go fast, so I don't want to lose it). So, I will be taking up friends on their offers for showers, etc. after they move my baby to a room where I can stay with her, but won't have access to a shower, etc.

Last night was WONDERFUL! I was able to hold and snuggle my 6 year old for a couple hours. My parents ran up after my nieces event last night in Castle Dale and they had my Z man with them. He ran to me and I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around me and put his head and my shoulder and started patting my back. That was something I truly needed. I miss my babies SO MUCH it hurts. Last night my two oldest called and both started crying while they were talking to me. I remember being there. My father AND mother both tried to ditch out on our family (ok not really, they both ended up in ER's in life threatening situations about a year apart. Talk about stress). So I know that my kids are having a hard time. My parents are going to try and bring them ALL up next week sometime so I can be with all of them.YEA!

Last night my parents came and visited me. Then they took us (Z-man and me) to Wally-World. They had promised my son a bike. He was SO excited. He picked out a nice bike, one he can grow into. He has been wanting one of those for a long, long time. My parents also forced me to buy some new shoes and some new clothes. I do mean forced, I wasn't really wanting them to do that. It has been very overwhelming with the outpouring of help and support. I mean yesterday I received an envelope from an elementary school that wasn't even mine with several hundred dollars in it (thank you SO much to all who donated money. It was way too much. I don't deserve it!). I didn't show a lot of emotion when I got it (I am about emotioned out), it really, really touched my heart. I get worried about how do I tell everyone thank you, how do I make sure that I repay everyone in the future, how do I keep taking and not feel guilty like I am using people. I guess this is where I forget about all the "I"'s and realize that I need to let people help- because they really want too.

I got to the guest house around 1am and was sleeping by 2am. It is nice to have a room to stay in and keep my belongings in. I awoke several times thinking I was missing something, but I hadn't missed any calls so I knew things were okay. I finally made myself get up around 8:30am and was here by 9am. I got to tell my baby good morning and she squeezed my hand. I can't believe what a difference it makes to have the love of your life squeeze your hand after not being able to do so for so long. I want to tell her to keep doing it, but the nurses want her to I guess I should let her. :)

When I arrived, Dr. Lichtey called me and explained what would be happening over the next several days. They are planning to return her to surgery again tomorrow afternoon. Then again on Monday. That is as far  as we can go at this point. He said that he was very pleased with her progress and surprised in many ways by how well she is doing. Her blood is still septic and they are still waiting for the lab results to know what exactly she has.

UPDATE: Dr. Campbell just came in and checked her and gave me the update. He said that she is doing very well, that the plan is to have her home in two from Monday, and that all we can do is follow the plan.
He was very, very happy about how well she is doing. Her lungs are clear, he said that her blood is not what he would consider to have sepsis, and that all is well. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So, I am going to end this so it can post. I will try to update again this evening. I can't be with her between 5-7 am and pm. Check for more updates during that time.

Again, thank you everyone for your thoughts, acts of kindness, love, and support. We need it.



  1. John that is so exciting! So glad that the reports are all coming in so good. Your babies are all doing well, they know that their mom and dad love them more than anything. Just concentrate on Allisha and let everyone else take care of the rest. We love you guys and are looking forward to seeing you home and together as a family again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love, Kalynn

  2. such good news!!! yaaaaay!! before you know it you will BOTH be home safe, sound, healthy and happy!! <3

  3. Good luck, Mr. H. It's very nice to hear your wife is doing so much better. We'll keep you in our thoughts.


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