Friday, June 24, 2011

Days 31-34- Home (Sort Of...)

Happy Days are here again...

Well, sort of. It has been an interesting few days.

Here is a break down:

Wednesday: Was a great day. Mr. Z made it to our house just in time for a BBQ. Ms. D had signed up to bring our family dinner and wanted to do a BBQ with us. It turned out fantastic and the food was awesome. I think that good company makes the food taste better too! My mom was asked to attend as well because my dad was out of town.

 My wife seemed to have a decent day. As long as she take her pain meds, she functions really well. She is getting up and down a little better and she seems to be in good spirits. The evening was spent in signing along with Mr. Z as he played his guitar and making my kids giggle and laugh. It was a good day.

What a great day. Even though my herd was up late (Mr. Z had been up and "touring" the area for quite a while waiting for us to wake up) we still had a great breakfast and tour of the diversion dam and monument afterwards. Ms. D had agreed to come and sit with my wife while I gave the tour as I do not like to leave my wife unattended.

Our tour was cut short when my 4-year old decided he "had to go". I think Mr. Z enjoyed the driving around and seeing out little community. We might be remote and a little backwards here, but we have some amazing scenery and big hearted people. The day was perfect. L-A-Z-Y (Mr. Z's favorite).

Home health care stopped by today was well. The nurse commented that everything was looking pretty good. A little concern still over a part of the incision that had reopened a little bit, but it also seems to be closing over again. I am so thankful that Dr. Lichti required that home care be set up before we left. It has really helped me feel more at ease.

In the afternoon, grandma and grandpa Millett arrived to pick up my oldest three children. They are brave toasters to take all three to my mother-in-laws family reunion. My older children were very excited to go and I hope that they are having a good time (and While the grands were here we ordered pizza and had an impromptu party. It was nice to kick back and visit and relax for a while.

In the evening I took Mr. Z, Ms. D, and my two little boys out to the geyser. And, while it didn't do much of anything at all (totally a bummer)  it was fun to be out there and see the river while it was so high and just enjoy the beauty of the area.

 We returned to the house and visited some more and watched M*A*S*H (on DVD). Ms. D headed home and rest of us headed to bed. It was a decent night as the baby slept pretty well. We had to run the Central Air for quite a while during the day as the Temperature reached around 106 degrees (phew...) and the house was still pretty warm. Made it hard to get to sleep. We did though.

We awoke to find the Mr. Z had driven off in to the rising sun. It was fun to have him visit and we hope he will come again soon. We (my wife and three youngest children) had a breakfast of cold cereal and then had to hurry to make it to the clinic for the babies appointment. She has thrush and a possible eye infection. We got the meds we need to help her kick this crude once and for all (at least we hope so anyways...)

I took the two little boys to school lunch and had a chance to work in my classroom for a little bit. When I returned from the school I learned that Dr. Lichti's office had finally had the chance to get my wife's meds sent to Price so I could go and pick them up. My dad, being the amazing father he is, drove me (I had asked him to ride with me because I was tired and didn't want to fall asleep) and we had a great time visiting and discussing things.

When we returned I finished watering the yard (I had mowed, fertilized, and watered the front before we left for Price). We had dinner and then went to visit grandma and grandpa Hughes. It was nice to be there again. The last time we were there was to get a blessing for my wife over 4 weeks ago.

My brother called while we were visiting my parents to inform me he was going to come and "kidnap" the baby tomorrow and take her for a We are happy to let them do that. Tomorrow is also bountiful baskets. I am in charge...blah. Anyways...

We returned home around 9:30pm and here we are. The two little boys are OUT and I am going to end this so I can be too.

My wife seems to be getting stronger everyday and it is nothing short of a miracle. We continue to be humbled by her quick recovery and are thankful for all the prayers being offered in her behalf. Not only that, but we are overwhelmed with gratitude to those who continue to bring meals and give of their resources.  Thank you. We love you and appreciate you.



  1. you have no idea how much i secretly crave a life where people stop by in time for a bbq, impromptu parties, and singing {not that we sing well, but just that we feel comfortable enough around each other to sing lol}

    i'm hoping we find a little of that in missouri--a little smaller town feel... slower paced life..... you have a beautiful network of people that surround you. glad you have had so much help and company to lift spirits and that allisha is improving each day! :o)

  2. The feeling is mutual! Glad you enjoyed the BBQ. I still need to bring over the "spare" meal I have for you guys. I am so glad that Allisha is doing well enough that we could have a BBQ. You're right - you can't get much better than good food and good company!

  3. The food was great and the company was even better...thanks again for taking the time and letting me 'crash' the Hughes party.


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