Monday, January 16, 2012


 I don't think that I will post these every month, but I really like how this activity turned out. I knew that going in to a new year, I wanted to focus on an idea that would help my students think about being better and push themselves to be better. Hence, I chose Rising Above.

This is the finished board. Each student was given an arrow page that I designed (see below for more detail).

 This one is my son's. I can do that because I have parental permission to use it on-line. :) Each student wrote in the arrow one or more things they want to do this month to RISE ABOVE. I love how these turned out with all the excuses I hear from students on the bottom half of the page in a faded gray.

 This is what went in the student journals. I printed these from the Foundation for a Better Life's web page.

I know that these are making a difference for many of my students. I have several each month who ask what we are going to focus on next.

What is YOUR goal to RISE ABOVE?



  1. I love that you do this with your students.
    It is such a great way of getting them to start thinking outside of their tiny little world and thinking about the broader world around them. About the choices they can make, and the consequences for good or ill that can come as a result of those choices.

  2. Good one, Mr. H. I love the way you continue to challenge your students to better themselves by going above and beyond what's expected.

    Using your son’s work as an example sort of made me chuckle inside. As his teacher, using the excuse “my dog ate my homework” won’t work!


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