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Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlight- LINDA KAMP

Greetings Dear Share the Wealth Friends!

As January draws to an end (I know, what in the world happened... I could've sworn we just had Christmas!) I am hoping that our part of the world warms up just a bit. We have been in the negative degrees for almost three weeks now. The last two days have seen warmer temperatures, so I can only hope they continue to rise a little. I am not ready for Spring, just not wanting to live in a deep freezer anymore.

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since my last teacher-author spotlight either. Why, as teachers, do we always feel like the year is in fast-forward?!? Anyways, thanks for joining us here again on An Educator's Life as we Share the Wealth, or rather, Spill the Beans, about another teacher-author!

Let's get started!

I am pleased to introduce you to Linda Kamp. This is what Linda told me when I asked about her background and such: "I have been teaching for 17 years. While I currently teach second grade, I have also taught Kindergarten and First grade. Teaching is a wonderfully creative outlet for me and I teach my kiddos that their creativity is contagious! We can think, learn, and achieve outside the box!"

I tell you, these lower grade teachers have SO MUCH ENERGY! Phew! I wanted to start this posting off by sharing 10 items that I think you really should check out. You may find yourself thinking, "Nah, not right now. Maybe later..."! Well, before you leave this posting, I urge you to take a gander of a couple of them. Linda is so amazingly creative and talented. I wish I taught lower grades so I could more of her resources. Here they are in no special order:

Teacher-Author Spotlight Resources Participants
1. Tomie dePaola: An Author Study
2. Oh, The Things That You've Given Us! {Here's Our Gift To You!}
3. FootBowl Math Centers
4. Be My Chocolate Valentine Math and Literacy Centers
5. Writing Activities for Valentines Day
6. S'more Smart Students! Back to School Bulletin Board Display
7. The Turkey Wants a Hot Dog! {A Persuasive Writing Craftivity}
8. Gingerbread Story Elements: Popular Versions of The Gingerbread Man! (FREE ITEM)
9. Butterfly Life Cycle On A String Craftivity
10. Stellaluna {A Common Core Book Study}

Linda has had over 1500 comments left about her (currently) 38 resources and, yup, you guessed it, has a 4.0/4.0 rating! Here is just a taste of what others are saying about her "stuff":



Debi Legerski  (TpT Seller)
If you want to read MORE feedback, you can visit her store HERE and then click on the "Ratings & Comments" tab.

As we near the end of this spotlight post, I couldn't possibly end without sharing something incredibly amazing from Linda. If you only buy ONE THING this month, then this has got to be it. Currently priced at $10, this 46 page gem of a resource has everything you need to teach the life cycle of plants. Let's take a little tour of Linda's Life Cycle of Plants set, shall we? Beware, however, for you will find yourself, like I did, WANTING TO OWN IT!

Linda has included an wonderful tale of contents so you will be able to find the activity that need at a moments notice. Easy Peasy!
The following pictures are random pages from the packet that I wanted to use to show you the quality (which is stellar) and the formatting (which is uncluttered and easy to follow). So, please understand that these pictures are NOT in the order they would be in the purchased kit.

Here is an example of the word wall word/ vocabulary cards that are included. I love that they are eye-catching and easy to read. (I do find myself wishing there was a tiny picture on each one- but that is the visual learner in me- ha ha!). Love these!

This is a fun poster/discussion starter. I love that Linda included such a diverse set of leaves to help the students see that leaves are not just the ones we color for our fall tree pictures.

Graphic organizers are in abundance in this kit. Do I like that? No! I LOVE IT! A graphic organizer is one of my favorite tools because the STUDENTS have to do all the work/writing and thus the LEARNING! These organizers are simple, yet effective and fit the theme and need they were created to fill.

I also really like how Linda has created that scientist feel for her resource. The students can't help but feel they are being real scientists (which they are) while completing these engaging activities. 

If you feel you need MORE of a tour, Linda has a whole blog post on this unit. I have looked it over and it is truly amazing what the students get to do in these great collection of activities. Just click HERE (or on the picture below) to visit the post.

Well, that concludes another fun look at an amazing teacher-author. Remember you can find Linda on her BLOG, on PINTEREST, on FACEBOOK, on TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS, and on TEACHERS NOTEBOOK. With all the fun freebies and giveaways that Linda does, you will want to connect with her on several, if not all, of these media outlets!

Thanks for joining us this week. I hope you will stop by again soon. Also, don't miss my Journey into Poetry Land series. I am sharing my day by day experience of teaching poetry to 60 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.
First post can be found HERE, the rest can be found here on An Educator's Life. Hope to see you again soon.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Linda Kamp is AMAZING! I am thrilled to be her bloggy friend! Not only is she incredibly creative, she is so kind and hard working! I love Linda and when I saw her face pop up on Pinterest I had to click the link. Thanks for a great feature!
    Your Newest Follower - Lisa Mattes
    Growing Firsties

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for stopping by. I too am friend with Linda. And, you are correct, she is an amazing person! :) So glad you clicked the link and thanks for joining us here at An Educator's Life. Have a fantastic day and stop by again soon.

  2. Thank you so much for such a lovely spotlight, John! I so appreciate your kind words and everything you do for teachers and students!

    Here's to a restful weekend for you (ha!) Thank you again for all that you do!

    1. Linda-
      Thanks so much for allowing me to spotlight you. It has been a true pleasure.

  3. Fantastic spotlight on a FANTASTIC lady! Linda rocks and her products are just adorable. :)


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