Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Made it Home

Presentation #4 was a great success! I really feel good about it- Harrisville had a great group of teachers! We headed home shortly after (4:30pm) and discovered that our car is starting to have a problem. It will periodically, when just starting out and when put in park, act like I am pushing on the accelerator and the engine will rev up. So that is neat! (NOT!) Then we got home to find that our house was a mild 95degrees! WOW- let me tell you- that is T-O-A-S-T-Y! So I kicked on the central air only to discover that it is not in working order either! Not only that, but our water pump went our right before we left! I guess out "3" has come- and hopefully that will be it for a while!
We are taking the car in in the morning to be checked- hopefully it is nothing major!
I will keep you "posted", ha, ha!

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