Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now the Day is Over...

Greetings. We now have a window air-conditioner in and it is running at full capacity, and we are still in the 90's inside at it is after 10pm.
We found that to have the AC repaired would be a minimum of $195, which isn't all that much I guess. We still don't know about the van- they didn't get a chance to look at it today. So that could make a huge difference on the AC repair.
My dad came and helped me put in the AC window unit. We had to build a platform to set it on, and then used plexiglass to avoid the "redneck" look of plywood in the window. LOL.
Guess we will see what happens tomorrow! Oh, I finally mailed off the Mailbox Assignment! YEA! My next one is due in July, which seems like a long time, but truly isn't!
Well, lots to do tomorrow. Weeds to chop, grass to water- all the stuff I actually enjoy! Plus it will only be Thursday.
Check ya later...

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