Saturday, January 03, 2009

YEA! It's Back On Track! Come Check It Out!

Hello All- I promise to update my life sometime soon. But in the mean time, I wanted to share the following information, I am very excited about this. This book is by the author that virtually visits my clasroom weekly! My students have all read the book and LOVE it. Check it out! There will be LOTS more DETAILS to come, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up!

The JGDS is traveling around the states to promote State of Wilderness and State of Quarries (hopefully with a release date in January). Follow us and see where the adventure takes you next.
Book Roast blog

MONDAY, JANUARY 19 - Visiting Montana on Martin Luther King, Jr's Day
Rena's multiply site
Rena's blog A cross posting where comments will be used for the drawing

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20 - Visiting New York
Donna McDine

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21 - Visiting New York and South Carolina
Donna McDine, day 2
Katie Hines

THURSDAY, JANUARY 22 - Visiting Texas
Holly Jahangiri (Holly will also issue a challenge for commenters to leave an interesting, fun, or wacky fact about the state in which they live)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 - Up to Washington state
Susan Marlow

SATURDAY, JANUARY 24 - and down into Utah
John Hughes

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25 - Wrapping it up in South Carolina and Tennessee
Elysabeth Eldering and Aidana WillowRaven

There will be prizes offered for each stop. I'll be giving away USA map puzzles and a few state related items. The following are the rules to giveaway:
Rules for drawing:
1. Each person who leaves a comment and a valid email address in the comment will go into the drawing.
2. Only one entry per stop. If you leave several comments on the same stop, your name will only go in once.

A valid email must be left within the comment or the person is ineligible. I need a way to contact the winners so I can get mailing address to send their prizes. Winners will be announced in the comments section the next morning first thing.
So come follow us and see what we are up to. - the JGDS


  1. Mucho gracias for posting this - Looking forward to a wonderful tour and can't wait to see what I have ready for my guest appearance on your blog - see you soon - E :)

  2. Hey, I know that this is completely off the subject, but I really need Alisha to make me another set of "FAMILY" letters. My friend wants some for her new home. If she can, would you have her email me at and let me know?? Thanks!!


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