Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day #23- Adult ICU

Twenty-Three Days. Wow.
With it comes another angry day. I think it started when I called the doctors office of the man who assisted in my wife C-section about 7 weeks ago. I had called and asked to speak to their billing department (seeing how I had received his bill for assisting and considering I am a little busy helping my wife I didn't have access to the needed resources to pay it, and honestly, I was angry to even receive the bill) and was told that the billing lady was not in the office and could she call me when she returned. I gave them my cell-phone number and waited.

and waited...

and waited...

Finally the call came in. It went down something like this:

Me: Hello

Her: Is this John Hughes?

Me: Why yes it is.

Her: I am calling from Dr. Brady's office. I was told you had a question about a bill we sent you?

Me: Actually I was calling to tell you that I will not be paying the bill until I can get home. You see, I have been sitting with my wife in the ICU at Utah Valley Regional as a result of the surgery that Dr. XXXXX assisted with.

Her: (Stammering) Umm...ok...I will..uh...put a note on the file....um....stating that what you just said. ok?

Me: That would be great.

Her: Have a nice... (CLICK- I hang up)

Me: (In my head) Why us? I am SO angry about this! (To my wife) We don't have to worry about that bill until we get home.

The rest of the day has been spent waiting and waiting and waiting for them to move my wife to the 6th floor like was discussed at 9am this morning. In fact, the nurse that has been on shift has pretty much ignored my wife all day as they thought she would be moving. That helped me feel less angry, let me tell you.

I guess I am just mad because I should be home with my kids who need me, I should be sitting in my summer professional development classes learning what I need to know to be a better math teacher next year, I need to sort out the left overs of my school year...

Upon inspection you will notice that the last several sentences started with "I". It is pretty selfish, to say the least, and I know that. It just adds to the anger and frustration I already feel.


There. I guess that helped a teeny tiny bit.

Let's turn our discussion to my wife. She has had an amazing day as far as accomplishing things. She has ALL tubes removed from her body, so she is up and down much more often now. The best part, she can get up and down almost all by her self now. The only part she needs help with (and she CAN do it if she has too) is get her feet back on the bed.

We even went for a pretty long walk. We went up by the ICU she started in and then down to the main lobby, around by the gift shop and up the elevators in the Adult ICU waiting room and around the Adult ICU square before coming in for a landing. She also had her last PT session this morning. So she is a PT graduate.

We did have a visitor this afternoon. Scott Roberston stopped in and visited with us for a few minutes. It was nice to see someone from home again. It helps to anchor me a little. I wish I could explain what I am feeling inside right now...

I am not sure I even know what it is, or what is causing it. Honestly, I don't even have the energy to try and figure it out right now. What I think I will do is go on a long walk and just not think about anything. I guess being numb has its advantages.

Maybe when I return and continue this post I will feel much better. Until then...

I did a lap around the hospital block...which is HUGE. I even blocked everything but breathing and walking out of my head. I can't tell you anything I thought about other than distance and how warm it was. Sadly, it didn't help. But, it was nice to be outside.

When I got back I helped my wife get out of bed to use the restroom and then dozed in my chair. My aunt called and asked if they could come and visit. They showed up not to long afterwards. We had a very nice visit. They were very kind and brought our baby girl a new little outfit and a very cute pink giraffe musical toy. For my wife, they brought a night gown and nice robe. It was very thoughtful and we appreciate it very much.

My wife had her dinner and did a good job eating. I was proud of her. She seems to be getting her appetite back slowly but surely.

This evening we have just chilled and watched TV. My 6 year-old did call to ask if he could play his DS, so I was proud of him for asking even though he knows we aren't home. We watched America's Got Talent, which is really just an embarrassment to America for most of the people they put on there. There are a few people with real talent, like the russian bar lady. But Tron guy...really? Or the needle lady that stuck needles through her legs...???

After AGT, we watched The Voice. I really like the format, I am just not really liking most of the contestants songs. You would think that music stars know how to choose songs for their teams, but, sadly it isn't so.

Well, I am going to be heading out to the Guest House in a minute. I am very tired and feeling very depressed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I guess I could add that we did NOT get moved to the main floor today. They didn't have any rooms. So we are still in the Adult ICU until one opens up...or I guess we go home. I am hoping for Friday of this week, but am guessing it will be more like Monday of next week. Only time and Dr. Lichti will tell...



  1. Courage! You will all make it through this.

  2. Personally, I would leave that bill (the Dr. who assisted) for last. Let them wait, just like you’ve had to do for 22 days. Heartless individuals...

    Your wife is fighting for her life and all these idiots can think of is being paid for their services.

    I’m thrilled your wife is doing so much better, Mr. H!

  3. I would think the depression and anger are really normal. I know that doesn't help.

    I hope she gets moved soon so the kids can come.

    And yay you for standing your ground with the billing people. It doesn't seem like you should have to pay for any of that surgery!

  4. I can't even begin to imagine all of the emotions you would feel in this situation. I'm guessing you couldn't either since they just come with no warning! I'm so sorry. I believe it helps us get through things in life to just feel the feelings Heavenly Father gave us when we need to, if that makes sense. And maybe Burke could fill you in a bit on some of the classes. As of yesterday he changed over to the 6th grade class instead of the 9th, because it related more to the 7th graders than the 9th. Hopefully they give him info he could pass on to you. And you can try and pick his brain when you get home. Remember: "In the end it will be OK, and if it's not OK it must not be the end!" Hahahahaha! Hope we see you guys soon. :)

  5. I'm in agreement with others - the depression and anger are normal You have had to suffer through just as much as Allisha has and you have not really spent your non-school time the way you normally do. You also have had to be a rock for your family. It's normal to feel the losses (remember, even though she is healing and doing better, you still have to grieve - she had a total hysterectomy - that in itself was unexpected and a loss to both of you, not that you were planning on having more kids). Anyway, the anger and depression will lift soon, but it is a process. My suggestion is go talk to the chaplain or whatever his title is at the hospital. I know it's not the same as talking your own minister/pastor, but it will help. You need someone who is totally unbiased, who can listen without knowing you personally. Strangers make great psychologists (you know that's why folks go to bars - they dump their problems on the bartenders as they know they won't be judged and they know that the person will help in some way, if only to get everything out in the open). The chaplain at the hospital will listen and allow you just to put it out there.

    It's great that you and Allisha had time to just go walking and wandering around the hospital while waiting - lol. Waiting seems to be the worst part of anything like this.

    As for watching AGT, that episode played here last week and I missed the first 20 minutes or so of last night's episode. The Voice is good and we on plurk all agree that the song choices are either not good or don't fit the singer. Blake's team picks for the semifinals was a total shock to everyone last night - everyone was sure Patrick would be the public's save, but I'm guessing that boy will be cutting records with Blake before too long and the one on CeeLo's team - the other cowboy - Blake is totally impressed with both of them.

    Christina on he other hand needs to keep her mouth shut - she thinks the show is all about her (guess she is a co-producer or somethng, haven't paid too much attention to the credits) and she's got all that sex on the brain - every word out of her mouth seems to drip sex.

    I think the plurk folks who have been following and commenting while watching the show have all said similar things about the show and it being better than Idol.

    Anyway, just take it a day at a time and hopefully you will be home soon. I will be out of town this weekend but will still get the emails, just probably won't respond as much - prayers and thoughts to you all - go talk to a stranger and get everything you are feeling out in the open and you will feel better (I know you will feel better once you get home but you will still have a long road to haul as Allisha is still healing and will not be able to do a lot at first, but hopefully by the time school starts back she will be back to her normal self.) - your friend, E :)

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