Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day #10- ICU

Well, it can't be said that when the Hughes family does something they do it small. I mean, we have always been taught that if you are going to do something, do it big!

Day 10 has dawned bright and beautiful. I am actually very proud of myself. I left earlier than I have since we got here to head back to the Guest House and I was completely OUT by 12:30 am. I slept until 7:20 am when my eyes popped open. I knew I wouldn't be going back to sleep, so I just attacked the day and got ready.

Upon arriving at the Hospital, I found my wife in AWESOME condition. Her fever had broke during the night and she was sleeping. I gently kissed her forehead and said good morning. I can't begin to describe the love, happiness, peace that began to flood into my mind when she opened those beautiful blue eyes and looked at me. From there we had a discussion about when I had left (I had kissed her goodnight, but she was exhausted and been OUT! Yet another reason I left earlier- so she could sleep. It has been nice to have her very alert, writing CLEAR notes, and starting to get a bit feisty.

Dr. Pearce came in and checked her over this morning and talked about her surgery. It is scheduled for 1pm, which I was glad to hear. That means my oldest son will be here to see her when she goes by. He is doing okay, but he really needs to see his mom and dad. I am SO thankful for all the good people around us. Kristin is bringing up my baby girl and my oldest. That means I will have been able to see 4 of the 6. The two little boys were  very cute last night when I was talking to them. My 4 yr old son would talk and talk and talk. He sounded much more grown up than before. My little 2 yr old son didn't really say a whole lot. I hope he hasn't forgotten who is mommy and daddy are...

Yesterday after I blogged (and I was able to slap myself a couple of times and get my mind cleared up), I returned to the room and found her doing okay. Our friend Kelly arrived (I think more to check on me than to see my wife in this case...) and she stayed for quite a while. Iva Wilske, the second grade teacher at my school, stopped by for a visit. She stayed for quite a while too. I am SO thankful these ladies showed up to support my wife and distract me. Iva left and then Kelly stepped out when my wife's parent arrived. It was nice to see them again. They brought her little brother Jordan with them. He just graduated from high school, and it was nice for him and his sister to "visit". During the "You Can't Be In Here Hours" we went to Aunt Roberta and Uncle Keith's house for dinner. It was nice. We ate on their deck and enjoyed the warm-ish evening air.

When we got back to the hospital, Aunt Patsy and Uncle Larry arrived and spent some time visiting with my wife. We were trying not to be a "herd" in the room, so I stayed in the waiting room for most of the time. Before everyone left for the night, we gave my wife a blessing. I anointed and her dad blessed. It was a wonderful blessing and the reason she is doing so well today.

After the blessing, I walked everyone out to the parking garage while the gave my wife her nightly bath. When I returned I visited with my wife, but also enjoyed some quiet time just holding her hands and letting her rest. I think one thing I am really learning is that to let someone know you care you don't have to say anything. I know that sounds really, really dumb and obvious, but again, until it really affects you, you don't understand, not really.

That brings us up to date.

UPDATE: Dr. Lichti just came in for his morning rounds. He explained that it would really most likely be Friday before they close her. They will add drains and may have to use an organic graft (which he explained is pig skin with all the animal properties taken out of it). I sure that may be the source of teasing and laughing at some far future point in our lives...

Her surgery is scheduled for 1pm today, so everyone say a prayer.

I asked what caused all of this and he stated that it was a uterine infection. He wouldn't comment on if it came from the C-Section of just happened ("I have seen these things pop-up out of the blue".) which I think he knew more than he would agree too. But that is okay for now.

I do want to say that my wife LOVED the three e-mails that people had sent. You can send them from HERE. I read them to her and she loved hearing from a few of you. If you get a minute, I would ask that you drop her a note every now and then while she is here. She may not respond to you (at least for a while) but she will enjoy hearing from you and about you.

Also, if you haven't noticed, Face Book is being stupid. So, it and when decides to behave, I can give more of the minute-by-minute updates. For now, this is the update.


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  1. Glad things are looking up for your 'other half' John-boy...


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