Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day #20- Adult ICU (Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...)

Saturday is a special's the day we get ready for....


Today has been an interesting day. I woke up at 7:15am and hit snooze on my iPod. Nine minutes later (9 minutes...who thinks these things up...) it went off again. This time I simply turned it off and went back to sleep. I awoke around 8:30am and was showered, dressed, and looking at my wife's gorgeous face by 9:15am.

She informed me that I had already missed her morning PT session...RUDE!:)

That is okay. I was content to pull up my AWESOME (NOT!) recliner and snuggle in for the duration. While I worked on updates, journaling, and playing Words With Friends (of which I have to have my wife help me at times, because I am BAD at that game...and especially Hanging with Friends) and just holding her hand (my favorite activity).

In the early part of the morning, my wife's grandmother called and asked if she could stop by for a visit. We were delighted to have her and her daughter (my wife's Aunt Vicki) stop in for a visit. They also "hijacked" me for lunch (as Grandma put it). We went to Five Guys. Very tasty and fun. It was nice to get to know her aunt and grandma a bit better as well. In fact, after we ate, we went to the new Desert Book store that was just across the way and of course, I spent like WAY TOO MUCH and they didn't spend anything. Of course, they were excellent at helping me find good books that my wife would enjoy, and since I LOVE books, it was an easy sell. 

On the way back, they also stopped at Arctic Circle and bought my wife a chocolate shake. (I got a Snickers one...yum!). They came back up to the room and chatted for a little while longer and then headed home. 

While we waited for 6pm and Colter and Becky to come for a visit, I was able to read her a chapter out of the scriptures since she is like a month behind on her reading. I enjoyed being able to share that time with her. It was peaceful, calming, and uplifting- something we both needed (and still do...).

Next, it was time for my wife's PT session. She wanted to head out to the patio again. Because the staff was behind schedule they told her she couldn't stay very long. We worked it so that they left her with me and went to the next patient, saying they would return after they finished. I can't begin to describe how nice it was to put my arm around my wife's shoulders and let her lay her head on my shoulder. We haven't been able to do anything but hold hands for 3 weeks, so that was wonderful. We both sat and cried together and then laughed at our silliness. Those are the moments that keep me sane and refill my hope that all this really will end one day.

I am pretty sure I fell asleep in there are some point for a bit before they came. We had finished reading and was just listening to the TV for a while. I would wake up and notice that she was sleeping so I would smile and close my eyes again. Our nurse did come in at one point and tell us she had been going over the results of my wife's lab work and was excited to share that all her cultures had not grown anything. Apparently she is free from infection. I hope that is true.

Around 6pm, I got a call saying that it would be a few more minutes before our friends arrived (which is all good because I have done that to them several times...and it isn't like I was going anywhere). They picked me up and we went to Rubio's. Interesting restaurant...I liked it a lot. (Thanks for dinner you two!).

We returned as quickly as we could (including a quick stop at Rite-Aide) and then visited until almost 9:30pm. After they left (I hope your kids were okay...) I pulled out one of the new books I bought today and started reading to her. Silly book is about a man that lost his wife and is supposed to find a new one. We were both crying through it. Not sure what I was thinking on that But it is a good story and we are enjoying reading together. (The Bishop's Bride is the title, incase you were wondering that)

That brings our day in for a landing. Another fun-filled day here in Provo, Utah has come to a close. We are excited to get to Monday for her CT scan. I am hoping that once that is done we can get the drains out, move to the main floor (of which many of your are excited for so you can send flowers...but may I suggest that you put that money in a card and send it to her. With all her weight loss she is going to need a new wardrobe and it will mean much more to her to have clothes to wear than flowers to look at for a few days. I hope that didn't sound rude...) and have a more definite timeline of when we can come home.

Again, a shout-out to all of you who are working to help our sweet little family. The kids will be back home tomorrow and with any luck we will be heading home in less than 10 days. And are doing way more than you think you are. You are a great friend and we appreciate all you are doing. I would LOVE to see your pictures as well. Thanks for caring...

Well is late and it is TIME FOR BED!



  1. It's nice to hear that she is doing better each and every day. Hit me up on chat when you can I have a few questions to ask you. Thanks for keeping us as part of your daily routine and letting us know that things are moving forward and not backward now. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the JGDS, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  2. I am happy things are so going well for you! I want to thank you for sharing your story and letting us read your blog each day. I hope it is therapeutic for you and I know later when you can look back at this you will be glad to have it all written down. It is also benefiting all the readers. Your strong will and great faith are so inspiring; as are all the stories of peoples goodness. It brings hope to know there really are so many good people in the world doing good things! Hope this is a great week. You continue to be in our prayers!


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