Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July (The Counting Ends...)

Dear, dear readers.

I have decided to stop the counting. I know that it is getting to be a bit much for you and for me.

My wife woke up in pretty bad shape today as well. It has been eating away at me that she isn't improving as quickly as I had hoped. Add to that the stress of worrying about being a leech and you have one pretty messed up person...ME!

We had hoped to hear from the hospital concerning her culture, and when we didn't hear this morning she started calling. That ended in near tears for her because no one would help her and most of the departments were closed due to the holiday. I was being a good husband this morning and cleaned both bathrooms and vacuumed the house, did a load of the baby's laundry, and cleaned up the kitchen. When I got done I asked her what was wrong and she told me no one would help her. Well, I took care of that. It took two calls and we had a person who needed to talk to her to verify her info and release the information to her.

She does indeed have a UTI. Even MORE frustrating is that the hospital knew on SATURDAY, just no one called to tell us. We would have called sooner, but we were assured we would receive a call. Anyways, once we knew she had an infection, a trip to Price was the focus of the day. We finished our patriotic breakfast and quickly got ready for the day. We wanted to make it a quick trip up and back so we could help my parents put together a yard toy my mom had purchased.

We were out the door and on the road by 10:30am. As we were nearing Price, we decided to visit my sister in Orangeville after we finished shopping. We wanted to spend some time with her and her family since we haven't been there in quite some time. So we wouldn't be heading back, nor building lawn toys.

We got everything we needed at the store (including my son's "coloring thing" he wanted for his birthday) and headed to KFC for lunch. That was okay, but it was TOO greasy. The kids enjoyed the food though and after about 45 minutes we were able to get back on the road and head to my sister's house.

Can I just say PEACEFUL. It was most excellent to have the kids enjoying playing with the cousins while the adults visited.We did that for a couple of hours...okay, okay. I admit. I took at short 45 minute or so nap. That was nice. After all, I was up most of the night with our youngest son. He didn't sleep well. When he WAS sleeping, it seems the baby was hungary. So, I was dealing with that as well.

I love being busy and useful- yeah! After my slacker-nap, we (my wife, baby, sister, and brother-in-law) all drove up to the Joe's Valley dam and saw the overflow in action. WOW! That is amazing. It was such a wonderful drive in the mountains. Made me want to move there.

After our trip to the dam, we made a run to the store. My oldest son begged to stay until Sunday. So we will meet my sister on Sunday and pick him up as we head up North for one of two doctors appointments. We decided to have a BBQ with my sister's family before we headed home to enjoy the fireworks out at my brother's in-laws house. They had some pretty amazing stuff. It was quite enjoyable.

We finally made it home around 10:45pm and got everything unloaded and put away. I have been struggling to stay awake, so I am going to end this. I have several things I want to say, but know that I won't be able to stay awake. So, I will try to address those tomorrow.

Have a great day... and Happy Independence Day! Thanks to all those who have and do serve this great county! We are thankful for you and appreciate you.



  1. Even though there may be and have been set backs, not counting means a corner turned.

    Sounds like the holiday turned out to be pretty nice for you and your family.

    And BOO! to the people responsible for making your wife wait for lab test results.

  2. seriously?? have you read this post??? i'm not quite sure where you get off callin' yourself a slacker for taking a 45 minute nap..... if i were there with you when you wrote that i'd have smacked you over the head!

    you deserve and NEEDED that nap! and it was the afternoon of the 4th of july :o) ha ha :o)

    sorry to hear allisha has another battle to fight-i hope it clears up quickly now that you've got her meds...

    hope we get to see you in a few days--still not sure on the plan, but we will talk with gayle and connie tomorrow when they get here :o)

    when was your benefit again? we may reschedule to attend :o)

  3. Shar- you crack me up! :) We BETTER get to see you, or we will bevery sad.

    The benefit is on the 18th. That is a long time for yur original plan. Whatever you decide we will support ( unless it means not visiting, and in that case we can not support you on that action at all) lol.

    Let us know your plans. Hugs and thanks for the laugh!

  4. Wait a minute, were you up here again and didn't tell me?

    If there's anything you need...seriously. Let me know.

  5. Just remember that you and Allisha (and your family) are cared for by so many people! Don't let it get you down. And don't let that conniving valley of Joe woo you away too quickly! :-) As for anything else - to borrow from that font of wisdom - "who ya gonna call?" (Hint: It's NOT Ghostbusters!) :-)

  6. I wish I lived closer! Ugh! I would totally be your nanny! Loves to you all! ;)

  7. Mr. H life isn't being very nice to you and your family right now. Remember that these unfortunate situations won't last forever. Just keep on truckin'....


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