Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just the Highlights...


1) Salt Lake City- Red Lion Hotel. Made it around 11:00pm


2) Utah State Office of Education. Fire in building...evacuated. Meetings interrupted.

3) Salt Lake City Public Library. Room D. Three hours of meetings to discuss teachers from our state that have had/are having problems and what course of action to take in regards to their teaching license.

4) Home- Returned home around 6:30pm. Enjoyed visiting with a good friend and had "late night" with the kids. I was out by 11:00pm.


5) Gun Range- Son has shooting test for his Hunter's Education class today. My son is growing up too fast. Ahhhhhh!

6) Plans for today:
    a- Work at school. Need to go and finish all the grading, etc. that I would have done yesterday after school. (I HATE MISSING SCHOOL...)
    b- Go on a bike ride as a family (if the weather holds and we don't get rain or snow)
    c- Attend a training at my church tonight. It is two hours that I think will be well spent.




  1. Busy guy!
    Glad you and yours made it safely north on Thursday.
    Thrilled you didn't start on fire on Friday.
    Fingers crossed for eldest man-cub on Saturday morning.
    Hope you got to enjoy that bike ride, accomplished a lot at school, and that your hours spent at the training were well worth it. :-)

  2. I thought it rather humorous that I saw the fire trucks, and called the boys over to watch them go down the street out of the hotel window. Only to get a phone call from you 5 minutes later saying you'd been evacuated because the fire was in the building where your meeting was! Glad you were safe. :)

  3. 11pm is pretty late, I'd say. I rarely stay up beyond 9pm.


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