Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Year in Review

With 2011's last minutes ticking away, it is once again time to share highlights from the past year in An Educator's Life. It has been one heckava ride to say the least. So, without further ado, lets begin by reviewing what my hopes for 2011 were last December 31st! Silly me...

Recap of "Looking Forward in 2011"(from last year's post):

-Take my Praxis test (okay, this isn't really "really good", but it is a necessary step in completing my program!)
-My daughter is getting baptized (and she is very excited about it!)

-Find out if I passed my Praxis test (oh please let it be good news!)

-Welcome our little girl in to our home. (It is supposed to be in May, but we are thinking that with life the way it is going, and past pregnancies, April it should be!)

-Hope to have a way to transport my whole family. I know our van seat is out there little van seat...come here little van seat!

-Complete my Master's Program and hopefully attend my graduation at the U of U (and YES you are coming MOM, and NO, you are NOT wearing BYU blue-lol :) )

-Enjoy life as a regular teacher with NO Masters classes, NO administrative positions, and time to clean out my shed, plant grass in the backyard, clean my classroom, organize my books (all 4000+), and most importantly...spend time with my cute little family.


So, is this what came to pass? So, now that we have reviewed what all my hopes and dreams were, lets take a peek and what really went down in the Hughes Family saga.

What Really Happened in 2011:


-I headed to the U of U to take my Praxis test. That was both a wonderful time (had lots of fun during the NOT testing times) and a Yucky time (hated those 4 hours- felt like I had 20 minutes to do all the writing and questing answering!).

-My daughter turned eight and was baptized. She was very, very excited. She is such a sweetheart. We wouldn't know what to do without our little princess.

-Found out the results of my Praxis test. What an adventure THAT was!

-Survived what seemed to be the plague in our house (including the case of the Dangeraffe).

-Started my short-lived Victory series.

-I visited our newly erected monument called the Golden Ratio.

-I was able to order my cap and gown for my graduation in May. Wahoo!

-Our little princess was born.

-Was introduced to Fraboom and enjoyed working with the designer/creator (and I still do...).

-Graduated from the University of Utah with my Masters in Educational Leadership.

-My wife became very ill with an infection from her C-Section.

-Celebrated having been married for 12 wonderful years to my wife.

-and Last, but not least, nearly lost my wife to severe illness in which she was in the hospital for almost 5 weeks. 27 days in the ICU, and another 4-5 in a regular room. You can read the whole story HERE. You will need to back track to the first post and then read forward)

-We spent most this month in the hospital

-We did make it home by the 19th of the month. It was a long and scary month. One that I would rather NOT ever redo.

-Made an emergency visit to the ER in Provo. We thought my wife had developed another infection. That was fun.... NOT!

-Celebrated the 4th of July AT HOME!

-Celebrated my 4 year-old's birthday (AND had a dr. appointment in Provo)

-Was the recipients of a large out pouring of love and support at a benefit dinner in our behalf. This event was put on by some pretty amazing ladies here in town. We still can't thank them enough.

-Celebrated the birthday of my youngest son. That was a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

-Our family went to my wife's family family reunion (that just doesn't look right, but I am pretty sure it is).

-School started. This year I am teaching my oldest.

-Survived another Melon Days.

-Pulled off another Pirate Week in my classroom.

-Attended Christmas in September (birthday party for a close and dear friend) as well as had a mini-family vacation.

-My son got his Arrow of Light award in Cub Scouts.

-Had my 36th birthday. Yippee...wahooooo....just great....

-Decided to share more "school" ideas on my blog. Like THIS, THIS, and THIS.

-Started SMART mentor training. I know...I know. Why do I do this to myself?

-Elfed my children in our annual Elf Yourself Event.

-Our family was the recipient of a random act of kindness and it was VERY MUCH appreciated.

-The kids were able to visit good ol' Santa Claus at the firehouse again this year.

This years predictions for what is to come...

Due to the fact that my crystal ball is in the shop for repairs, I can't really make any predictions for the coming year.

I guess I could safely say there will be whining and gnashing of teeth about the rough life of a teacher. I mean, after all, what fun would it be to read this blog if I didn't throw in a bit of the "woe is me" every now and then.

All I hope for 2012 is that my family will continue to be happy, healthy-ish, and can move forward through all that we have survived this past year. From my wife's near death to my 4year old needing dental surgery due to a lame dentist here in town, we have a lot to still overcome. But, nothing, and I mean nothing is going to hold us back. Thanks for being a loyal reader. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

I wish all of my readers a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR!

We will return in the new and glorious year of 2012!!!!



  1. Happy New Year John, Allisha, & Family! I'm so glad that you all survived the year and that I was able to see you, despite the yucky circumstances. Hope 2012 is a million times better than 2011! Love you guys! ;)

  2. You all had quite the ride during 2011. Here's hoping for a little less excitement in 2012.

    I'm grateful that things took a turn toward the better as the year was winding down.

    I appreciate all that you and your family do for me and for those around you.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. You're only 36 ?! I turn the big 40 this year. all the best for 2012 Mr. H.


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